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gosh, i can’t even put into words how much this comic and fandom has meant to me over the past couple years. As far as i’m concerned, the story will never really end, not when there’s this whole fandom to keep it going.

happy 413! and thank you so much, just for existing. it’s been so important to me.

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b r e a t h e

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this is kind of old

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wanted to give this tutorial a test, and it’s been ages since i’ve drawn john floatin’ in the sky. these brushes are super fun, dang.

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not enough blue on my blog i say

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edit:fixed some stuff

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but the real question is why haven’t i drawn johncest before now

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where will our blue boy go

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Here’s the finished God Tier John scalemate for mage-of-time.

I had so much fun with this little guy, and his eyes cannot really be seen well, but the buttons have a shell-like shimmering and blue sprinkles in them.

He’s made of soft fleece and the hood is made of jersey material.

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i think you guys already got that i can’t draw karkat without drawing john and vice-versa, so here is john with his beautiful hat (and even more failed colors)

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Medieval era (Robin Hood and Little John as Roxy and John)

it’s such a cute prompt!

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i made a cute animated featherbent john thingy.. ouo;
(it is transparent and now sitting on my blog aaaaaaaa!!)

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D: hee-haw

J: will you stop braying and help me find my fucking glasses already??

D: haha no way i live to watch you suffer

J: you are the biggest asshole ever!!! way bigger than any of the trolls ever were.

D: whoa there john no need to get viole— 

D: shit

D: uh

D: now i cant see either way to go dickbutt

J: that’s what you get for laughing at me, dorkbrain!

D: goin for the glasses egbert thats a low blow

D: fuck

D: how far can glasses even get on their own what the fuck did they sprout little duck feet and waddle away into a pond on the other side of the ether how does this even happen i want my money back

J: maybe they bonded with my glasses and now they’re all settled down with their own glasses family somewhere. with little baby glasses that are half of my prescription and slightly tinted and think they’re the shit when they’re actually really, really lame.

D: okay okay i get it memo received roger houston i get the picture can we please be able to see again now

J: …dave

D: what

J: did i just hear a crunch?

D: oh fuck me