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This is my contribution to Jadefest 2014, for gloomytown! cross-posted from AO3. The original prompt was:

au where dave starts a dumb band and all the betas are in it and jades a really cool bass player and he falls for her but everyone else hates her because although she has some mad bass skills shes the worst singer ever………

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(art by shelby cragg, used with permission)

Hello there! Got the post-Ladystuck blues? A big fan of witches and space? We have just the thing.

Jadefest 2014 is a fandom gift exchange dedicated to Jade Harley, and/or all versions of her, e.g. Jadebot, Jadesprite, Grandma English. All artists and writers are welcome to join up. Sign-ups open 1 Feb and will run until 15 Feb, 11.59 pm PST. 

Our ao3 collection is here and if you need an ao3 account, please email us at

Some FAQ’s:

So why only Jade?

Jade is a very underrepresented character despite her prevalence in Homestuck canon; Dave Strider has ~9000 fanworks with him as a character, whereas Jade only has about ~3500 on ao3 currently. Jade is a fantastic character and this exchange exists so that there is more fic/art centered on her and not her as a side-character!

So I can only write/draw about Jade Harley?

Nope! All iterations of Jade are welcome! Grandma English, Jadebot, Jadesprite and Jade Harley are all welcome. Unfortunately, no rule 63 is allowed. (We understand the cissexism re: the term, but it is also the clearest way to get our meaning accross. We hope you understand.) Trans and nonbinary characters are accepted. Also-another important thing to note that of course other characters are free to feature, as long as they are not the main star of the show!

For more questions, look at our extended FAQ and Timeline. Our inbox is also open for any inquiries. Don’t forget to follow this blog for more updates!

Please signal boost to let your fellow fans know about this!

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Oh, life could be a dream 
If I could take you up in paradise up above 
If you would tell me I’m the only one that you love
Life could be a dream, sweetheart
(Hello hello again, sh-boom and hopin’ we’ll meet again)

since tumblr made this look horrible here’s the full sized version

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"They’re really famous in my part of Skaia for jumping headlong into an entire pack of demons and killing them all!"

The Harley-English duo, drawn by one of our stupendous artists, Tea!

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This has been sitting on my drive for a while, a mix of nonsense colours and Space dancing in space. Cute girls are cute even in death.

(Sorry for the silence, dear followers, it’s apparently still too difficult for me to deal with full time work, colleagues that don’t have a single nerdy cell in their bodies, friends, my family and to be active on tumblr as well. But I’m gonna keep trying!)

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Its getting colder. You need a blanket.

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Jade too. Because I can’t draw one without wanting to draw the other.

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your name is jade.

you have been up for quite a while now. you are prone to sudden bouts of insomnia, but this vexatious restlessness has been plaguing you even more persistently as of late. try as you might, you cannot remember the last time you were able to get a good night’s sleep. not that this revelation comes as a surprise. it is difficult to remember much of anything at all.

a chance glimpse of your clock confirms it is the 13th of april  has been for nearly four hours now, and you are almost certain there was something you needed to do today. a person you wanted to talk to. but there is no one else here except bec.

good dog, you think. best friend.

your name is jade, and you can’t help but feel there is something you’re missing.

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Here, have a Jade with rabies


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Burn the witch

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Project Oz: Corporal Harley & Bec
Real Name: Jade Harley & Becquerel
Age: 19 & 4
Location: Stationed in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington
Powers: When Jade was just a young girl living on a Pacific Island, she was exposed to radiation from one of her grandfather’s inventions. The radiation caused a mutation which heightened her hearing and sight well beyond that of a normal human. Nothing really came of this until she was thirteen, when her grandpa died and she was placed into the care of a family friend in the military. Due to her mutation, Jade was an acceptable candidate for a secret military super-soldier program. As a result of the program, Jade is at the peak of human physical conditioning, making her strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, and durability well above average. She is an unrivaled marksman, a master martial artist, and something of a genius. Working towards becoming a member of the Special Forces, Jade has been steadily climbing through ranks, not wanting to jump past needed experience because of her abilities. When she isn’t training or on assignment with her trusty dog, Jade is seen around base assisting in the research center.

Bec is a young German Shepherd who works as a Military Working Dog (MWD). He comes from a long line of police dogs and has a high degree of intelligence and sense of loyalty. After his training, he was paired with his first handler, Jade. The two have been together for three years and seem to have a deep understanding of each other. Jade is often seen having long conversations with Bec.

My concept of what Jade and Bec might look like in the Real Men Wear Tights universe. We had talked about heroes being sponsored or backed by different organizations or government bodies before, so I wanted to do a military hero! You’ve got a lot of ribbon awards there, Jade, are those real or are do you just like them (a bit of both)? No magic godly dog here, just a wonderful German Shepherd partner dog (who I modeled after my family’s lovely girl-dog Vindolanda, because how do you draw dogs). Good dog. Best hero.
Are Jade’s dog ears real in this? We may never know.


Aradia | Feferi | Kanaya | Nepeta | Terezi | Vriska


Jade | Roxy | Rose
(Textures from Cloaks on DeviantArt)

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I should draw in my sketchbook more, it’s been so neglected.

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super quick doodle to test out some brushes and textures? making brushes us hard, yo. i can never get em to look as nice as my favorites. But I think i finally have some of my own textures I can use!