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pratestuck Dave twins.

They’re the same height, Dave is just slouching cause he’s too pirate for standing up straight. They’re identical, despite my art!fail. Well, maybe Davesprite’s hair sticks out a little more in the back. And their eyes are sliiiiiightly different; Dave’s is a more reddish hazel while Davesprite’s are a bit more yellow/orange.

They’re super close, and friends before brothers. They’re also constantly telling each other how awesome they are, which annoys everyone on the ship to no end. Jade and John are the only ones that can tell them apart; Captain Jake puts up with all their antics in good humor, but they drive First Mate Dirk bonkers. He would throw them overboard if Jake stopped paying attention long enough that he wouldn’t notice.

Dave is crazy about Jade and she’s the only one he spends more time with than Davesprite (although all four of them are nigh inseparable, as well as Rose when she’s not on land with Kanaya). Davesprite, meanwhile, is crushing hard on John. There’s a time before Dave goes after Jade that they both brothers think the other likes the same person as they do, and they have a bit of a brotherly crisis. When they figure out that they’re into different people they are SO RELIEVED, like whoa.

Davesprite takes a looooong time to make a move on John and is super envious of Dave and Jade, who are absolute cuddlefiends. Then one day they’re chilling with some pirate buddies of theirs from the Alternian and also some friends that live in the city and John starts fucking hate flirting with Karkat (who isn’t a pirate, he works for the law, but they have an agreement that when they meet there’s a temporary truce and Karkat doesn’t bother them unless he actually witnesses them doing something illegal and has no choice) and Davesprite is just like FUCK IT and kisses John right on the mouth.

John just kinda blinks and goes “…oh,” and no one sees either of them for a couple hours. >:)