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lol Eridan, you are so in over your head, get out while you’re still in one piece

(wee same AU as this thing I did ages ago that i still come back to sometimes because i want to write it eventually, ahhhhhhh, even though I didn’t try aT ALL with this im still in a funk…..booo)

So… Eridan trying to, like. Seduce Jade. Is the FUNNIEST FUCKING THING TO ME oh my god, he’d be all ‘lookit my awwesome gun harley,’ ‘aren’t you attracted to this fine piece a ass harley,’ ‘i’m so great and rich and shit an my hair is purple harley arent you so attracted to me arent you huh pleasesayyes’ and Jade would just be like LMFAO NO YOU DOUCHE. And would hopefully punch him a couple times, just for being annoying.

But we all know that Eridan is just a big insecure bag of air, and if he cared about someone to actually pursue them and put his all into it I think he could be very thoughtful, and I also think Jade would see that. Eventually. After a long time.

A really, really long time.

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What if Rose ran for some sort of official government position. And Jade was her head of security.

And she won.